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Chugga - Theme for the Buck Rogers Light Rope Dance
Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion: She's Hard
Imported Disc Review
- Shinichiro Takahashi (Cisco International)

In Sound & Recording Magazine (Japan), June 1998..

(Japanese text)


Abnormal music has been coming into the limelight unexpectedly in these few years. What feels abnormal depends on people, varying from person to person like a sense of humor. Some people feel it in very good pop music, while others respond to totally unintelligible music. But in most cases, it is the musicians' sense which are most abnormal and poisonous.

At this time, let me introduce Terre Thaemlitz, who controls sound balance delicately, and is a master at making marvelous sound spaces which ordinary people cannot copy. His style shows his skills as a key person of New York's abient scene, as well as deep house to breakbeats - his releases are very colorful. Some of you should know his albums on Mille Plateaux (of Oval fame) in Germany, or Daisyworld in Japan. And, some single on his own Comatonse Recordings - these are so beautiful. Chugga has unique tone colored rhythms which are based on house music, with improvisational piano - this is a hybrid record. Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion develops lyric poetry out of only sounds and breakbeats. Because of limited space here, if you want to know more about him you should access You will discover abnormal music the likes of which you have never heard before today.

Lastly, I'm just letting you know that 12" EP's from Comatonse Recordings are exclusively available at Cisco stores in Japan. Don't miss them.