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terre's neu wuss fusion she's hard
シーズハード (1998)


Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion: She's Hard | 12" Vinyl EP | Released 1998 | C.004

  1. She's Hard 10:46
  2. She's Hard (Live at Hug Parade) 11:48

She's Hard

A smiling stranger's blow

dragging blood across her cheek
and her stretching not to taste the spit upon her face

a smiling stranger's kiss dragging lipstick across her cheek
and her stretching to taste
the spit upon her face


Track 1 recorded at Meow (Spanish Harlem)
Instruments, arrangement and sound design by Terre Thaemlitz

Track 2 recorded live at Hug Parade Minsk/Belarus August 8 1997
Produced and performed by Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion
Electric flute, piano and electronics by Terre Thaemlitz
Organ drifts and effects by Mikal Forensue
Keyboards and percussion by Rosanna Tonda
Low frequency unit and additional percussion by Lucinda Sparke
Engineered by Lisa Kattrel and Gustav Polanski / Hug Associates
Sound treatment by Karl Damon and Marc Weller / Audiopaths
Low frequency unit provided courtesy of Jeff Hanes / Chugga
Lighting and projections by Dimitre Vorstapolis / Hug Associates
Styling and visual coordination by Chiu-Fen Chen
Photography by Lea Yara

Written and published by Terre Thaemlitz (BMI)
Special thanks to Tak and Bang
Custom audiophile yellow vinyl
No fucking-sucking-licking-sticking without latex
Rinse your works with bleach and water
Do not attempt using any part of this product as a safer sex device