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Yesterday's Heroes: 1979
La Louche CD
- Ken Hollings

In The Wire, Issue 247, September 2004.


Unhappy the music that needs heroes, to paraphrase Bertolt Brecht, for there will not be a stadium venue large enough to contain its bloated remains. If Terre Thaemlitz and Haco seem a little misty eyed remembering the final year in a decade long since past, it's probably because they're still busy washing the teargas out of their eyes. Punk had thrown in the towel, the way it was always going to, Thatcherism went straight into number ten with a bullet, the Republican right was rising from the grave, and Men Without Hats said "No Dancing", the song being included here as track number 9, after 64 unidentified tracks each containing four seconds of silence apiece. You do the math.

Winsome, distracted and steely by turns, Thaemlitz and Haco's delicate compositions remind us that it's always the strong who are brought to their knees.