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TERRE THAEMLITZ: Comatonse.000 (12"ep)
- Elliott Smith

In Indepent Music Reviews #9, October 1994.


Comatonse is Terre's own label that he started in an effort to release some of his ambient music. Shortly after this 12" was released Terre was signed to Instinct Records and has since appeared on various compilations and has made the full-length album Tranquilizer. One of the songs, "Raw Through A Straw" is included on Tranquilizer, so the main motivation for obtaining this ep is the song "Tranquilizer" (oddly not included on the album of the same name, although I believe it is on a recent Instinct compilation). Both of these songs illustrate clearly why Thaemlitz was quickly added to the Instinct roster. Adding depth and character to a genre that is often dismissed as being redundant, Terre shows tremendous talent for creating new and exciting material. Once you listen to Tranquilizer, you'll probably want to obtain this 12" which has been pressed on the highest quality vinyl you can find. (COMATONSE, 309 EAST 108 ST., #3A, NEW YORK, NY 10029) <>