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comatonse.000 comatonse.000
コマトンズ000 (1993)


Comatonse.000 (a.k.a. Terre Thaemlitz): Comatonse.000 | 12" Vinyl EP | Released 1993 | C.000

The 1993 debut release by Terre Thaemlitz, under the project name Comatonse.000.

  1. Raw Through A Straw 11:02
  2. Tranquilizer 13:00

Liner notes (a discussion of thematics is in the writings section):

Raw Through a Straw

He is troubled by his oddly displaced excitement
in witnessing the birth of a world
where the only cum safe for his ingestion is his own


"Emerging from the couds a sixth time
the moon floods the lilac fields with icy blue light"

Suddenly finding herself laying with her neck on the damp soil
peering at the stars through a web of violet thistles
she can't help feeling betrayed by the specificity and banality of the liner notes

Recorded at: Meow (Loisaida).
Produced, mixed and arranged by Terre Thaemlitz
(c)(p) 1993 T. Thaemlitz (BMI)
Design by Terre Thaemlitz
No fucking-sucking-licking-sticking without latex
Rinse your works with bleach and water
Do not attempt using any part of this product as a safer sex device