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Terre Thaemlitz Shifts Her Dead Stock
- Gareth Owen

In Electronic Beats (Germany), March 17 2009.


Are you the sort of person who sits on the internet all day, downloading the entire discography of your favourite artist (or at least one who carries some cult cachet) never to listen to more than two songs? Well, house producer Terre Thaemlitz' latest offering is probably something you may find yourself aspiring to. Or at least searching The Pirate Bay for.

With the money being made by artists from digital platforms amounting to approximately 4/5 of nothing, Thaemlitz has come up with the unique idea of selling her entire back catalogue in ultra-limited packages of data discs, clocking in at over 700 tracks from all of her releases, under all of her monikers (including DJ Sprinkles).

The packs also contain a number of other goodies, or filler depending on your point of view, such as posters, photographic inserts and not-yet-revealed items. With a retail price of €220 I can see this becoming popular at the geekier ends of the underground music spectrum, however the next time Terre releases something, the back catalogue package will no longer be complete.