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Thaemlitz, Terre "Oh, No! It's Rubato"
Mille Plateaux
- Name

In Aquarius Records List, November 2001.


The third in trangressive experimental musican Terre Thaemlitz's series of unlikely piano recitals... Previously he's turned the melodies of both Kraftwerk and Gary Numan into gorgeous, sort-of-ambient piano meditations. Here, completing a twisted trinity of '70s/'80s new wavy electronic-rock genius, he interprets the music of Devo! (Risking cries of sacrilege from those of us who consider Devo holy -- he's even calling himself General Grrl!) Yup, "Jocko Homo", "Whip It", "Through Being Cool", "Mongoloid", and a bunch of others are given Terre's treatment. Sure, just reading about it, it seems kinda gimmicky, but the results are more than schtick -- this is lovely lovely stuff. And truthfully, you can barely recognize the source material -- this is slow and melanchonic rather than hectic and poppy. This disc and those two others are certainly our favorites amongst Thaemlitz' varied ouevre, and indeed are rather atypical of his usual output. The cover art (a parody of Oh, No! It's Devo! with Terre's head on a spud) is scary, though.