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terre thaemlitz oh, no! it's rubato
オー・ノー!イッツ・ルバト (2003)


Terre Thaemlitz: Oh, No! It's Rubato | Full-length CD Album | Released 2003 | Germany: Mille Plateaux, MP117

Piano interpretations of Devo titles arranged & performed by Terre Thaemlitz. The third installment of the Rubato Series (other albums cover selections by Kraftwerk and Gary Numan).

  1. Gut Feeling/(Slap Your Mammy)
  2. Jocko Homo
  3. Mongoloid
  4. Space Junk
  5. Blockhead
  6. Whip It
  7. Through Being Cool
  8. Out of Sync
  9. Deep Sleep
  10. Patterns
  11. The 4th Dimension
  12. (Secret Track)

Attention Superthings:

Let me tell you a story. Let me shovel some dirt. The DEVO boys of summer are cruisin' Sunset Boulevard in a deep sleep, going under cover with 2.2 kids and a turkey in every car. We can only hope that secret agents Mark Mothersbaugh, Jerry Casale, Bob Mothersbaugh (Bob #1) and Bob Casale (Bob #2) are continuing their covert operations at Mutato Muzika, sleeping amidst spiritless giants who should know better but don't. DEVO's Chinese Computer Rock'n'Roll has devolved into the soundtracks of commercials for McDonalds, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Sony and Nickelodeon. Italy's newly elected Facist-tainted government uses the term "devolution" to identify their project to decentralize power by reinforcing regionalism, leading to the sanctioned local ostracization of immigrants. Meanwhile, a restless secret agent Alan Myers maintains his cover as an electrician, waiting bravely and patiently for the signal.

Fear not. Today I am the bearer of great news to scatter the blackest frown. Facing the possible loss of our most important de-evolutionary troopers, General Boy has been removed from his prophylactic tour of duty. What's that you say? "Is this gal for real?" You betcha. Command of the De-evolutionary Army has been passed to the Big Sister with a wiggle in the middle, General Grrl, and I'm still shouting, "Entertainment remains the cancer that we must eradicate!"

The Devol takes on many forms, and even the weakest link strengthens the chain. Don't be fooled by promises of a kinder, strofter nation from the Evil energies of the Digital Music Business, the endless supply of so-called "glitch music," and the laptop jockeys who live in the past along with our leaders. A record distributor lays crouched behind every bank teller's window across the land.

It's time to de-value the strange pursuit of commodities and oversized novelty foam hands announcing whose team is #1. We're all in for the big lose together. To help us march down that road of de-valuation, I am happy to announce that Prof. Thaemlitz has emerged from the lab with yet another worthless addition to the Rubato piano series, "Oh, no! It's RUBATO." She's the man with a plan, his finger pointed at DEVO. Now they must sacrifice themselves that many others may live. Okay, they've got a lot to give. Hop off the band wagon and lend your ears to DEVO de-evolved, out of sync, jerkin' back'n'forth, not necessarily beautiful but mutated.

Every spud and spudess must repeat:  Q: Are we not men? A: We are DEVA!

Three cheers! We're yellin' again. Three cheers! We'll be at it to the end.

General Grrl