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Raw Through A Straw / Tranquilizer
Terre Thaemlitz
- Carlos Pozo

In Angbase, Fall 1998, Issue 3.


12" EP 1998
Reissue of the first release on Terre's own label. "Tranquilizer" is a quiet, beautiful piece - delicate acoustic-sounding percussion (tabla-like) over a distant wash of melodic 'synths' - reminds me of Susanne Broekesch, or Stephan Micus in the use of low volume 'ethnic' percussion with electronics. "Raw Through a Straw" retains a difficult to place 'ethnic' feel - with sitar-like tones playing within really dubbed out keyboard lines and some more recognizably ambient (as in Eno) atmospherics. A rhythmic drum beat eventually emerges, as the keyboard 'soloing' grows increasingly more frantic. Very nice and thoughtfully relaxing. As usual, Terre manages to break the mood (damn him) with is accompanying text for this track, "he is troubled by his oddly displaced excitement in witnessing the birth of a world where the only cum safe for his ingestion is his own." The final track ('previously unreleased') ties this in with Die Roboter Rubato's spacy piano meditations. Deuter sleepily jamming with Terje Rypdal.