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comatonse.000 comatonse.000.r1
コマトンズ000.R1 (1997)


Comatonse.000 (a.k.a. Terre Thaemlitz): Comatonse.000.R1 | 12" Vinyl EP | Released 1997 | C.000.R1

1997 re-issue of the 1993 debut release by Terre Thaemlitz, under the project name Comatonse.000.

  1. Raw Through A Straw 11:02
  2. Pretty Mouth (He's Got One) 1:45 Previously unreleased
  3. Tranquilizer 13:00

Comatonse.000.R1 is a limited re-issue of Terre Thaemlitz' long sold-out first recording Comatonse.000. Terre is a little over attached to this re-issue and went to great pains making sure the sound was right, changing pressing plants and suffering tremendous delays when pressing plates did not match his anal retentive requirements. Comatonse.000.R1 is pressed with audiophile translucent vinyl, comes in a custom 4-color jacket and includes the previously unreleased outro "Pretty Mouth (He's Got One)." So if you are a vinyl fetishist, a Terre-completist, or you missed out the first time around, this may have been the one for you.

Liner notes (a discussion of thematics is in the writings section):

Raw Through a Straw

He is troubled by his oddly displaced excitement
in witnessing the birth of a world
where the only cum safe for his ingestion is his own

Pretty Mouth (He's Got One)

A sudden awkwardness of pause in conversation
rushed to like an inadequate facial expression
or a cheek colliding with open lips


"Emerging from the couds a sixth time
the moon floods the lilac fields with icy blue light"

Suddenly finding herself laying with her neck on the damp soil
peering at the stars through a web of violet thistles
she can't help feeling betrayed by the specificity and banality of the liner notes

Recorded at: Meow (Loisaida & Spanish Harlem).
Produced, mixed and arranged by Terre Thaemlitz
(c)(p) 1993, 1997 T. Thaemlitz (BMI)
Design by Terre Thaemlitz
No fucking-sucking-licking-sticking without latex
Rinse your works with bleach and water
Do not attempt using any part of this product as a safer sex device