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Terre Thaemlitz, 'Soulnessless' lecture and performance
- Kane Daniel

In Three Thousand (Australia), August 10 2013.


Terre Thaemlitz's depths have depths. A transgendered DJ who underpins her already immeasurably deep deep house with cultural theory instead of the rather more favoured fist-pumping, dramatic twisting of EQ knobs and bitten bottom lips. Her performance as DJ Sprinkles after this event is the place to get any pique scratched. If Thaemlitz recording an album over 32 hours long (the maximum possible length of a 320kbps MP3 within the dictates of the FAT file system) and accompanying it with 80 minutes of video and 166 pages of PDF raises that pique into a fervour then this event is where you want to be. Her own words explain it best. Words, say, from this excellent interview on Pulse Radio: "The Soulnessless show is more of a sit-down affair combining audio, video and audience discussion. It's an anti-spiritual look at how spirituality, superstition and religiosity are perpetuated through audio marketplaces that insist upon judging audio in relation to 'authenticity' and 'soul'. It does this in a roundabout way through discussions of gender cults, Japanese immigration issues, interviews with Catholic nuns about their use of electronic audio equipment, and other unlikely vectors. If you're into super-black humor and investigating sadness, it's your thing." You know what? That does sound like my thing. Support by Instant Peterson and Sound of Thought DJs.

Boney, 68 Little Collins St, Melbourne

Thu Aug 15, 7.30pm

How much
$5 on the door, spaces limited