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(Ambient Double Vinly Pack - Instinct)
- Elliott Smith

In Indepent Music Reviews #8, October 1994.


Terre Thaemlitz, Omicron, Human Mesh Dance, and Mysteries Of Science have each been given a side of vinly to work their ambient wonders on this Instinct release. Shimmering synths set the mood on "Tranquility Base" (by Omicron), which makes one feel as if they were gliding along in a pool of water as time slows down and almost freezes. Birds, insects, ethereal sounds, speech samples, and little specks of pulsating bass all come together on "Wet Moon." Human Mesh Dance also contribute "The Glow Of Red Hydrogen," which takes a percussive sound that consistently echoes between the speakers while other materials develop in the background. Of all the artists, Terre Thaemlitz appears to be pushing the boundaries fo ambient with "Fat Chair" which actually borders on social commentary. Mysteries Of Science round off this compilation with "Virtual Wake," a ten minute voyage that measures up to the quality of the other selections, but was the one piece that I found least intriguing. All of these artists have full-lenght albums on Instinct. If you're not familiar with their music, this vinyl-only release is an excellent introduction. (INSTINCT AMBIENT, 26 WEST 17TH ST., NO. 502, NEW YORK, NY 10011) <>