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TERRE THAEMLITZ: Tranquilizer (CD)
- Elliott Smith

In Indepent Music Reviews #10, November, 1994.


The thing that I like about Tranquilizer so much is that all eight tracks stand out with their own distinct identity. Too often, with ambient music, everything begins to sound the same. Terre Thaemlitz, on the other hand, treats each piece with new sounds and ideas. Another strong aspect of Thaemlitz's work is his conscientious effort to give his music shape and form. "040468" starts off this disc with some meditative electronic sounds, while some cascading lines fade in. After a couple of minutes a layer of rhythmic sounds coupled with a fat synth bass emerge and begin to drive the piece into a trance-like mood. This mood shifts considerably as Terre builds intensity and then allows it to dissolve. The rest of Tranquilizer continues to engage the listener with tracks such as "A City On Springs" and "Meditation On A Mountain Oyster." All eight selections are strong and show Thaemlitz's ability to craft intelligent ambient art. I strongly recommend sitting in front of your stereo and allow this CD to transform you. (INSTINCT AMBIENT, 26 WEST 17TH ST, NO. 502, NEW YORK, NY 10011) <>