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Various Artists "Plug In & Turn On (Music For A Technologically Advanced Society)"
- Scott Framption

In CMJ, Issue No. 10, March 14, 1994.


(Instinct, 26 W. 17th St. #502, New York, NY 10011 / 212-727-1360) - Techno is evolving and mutating so fast, spreading through the club scene like a white-label virus, that the only way for those of us on the periphery to keep up is by scanning through the copious compilation discs that attempt to define the genre. That said, Plug In + Turn On is a friendly companion to techno's multifarious goings-on. It divides its mammoth 130+ munute length into two discs, one "trance" and one "ambient," and features some of the best-known names in electronic music (outside the WARP encampment), many of which supply a song to each disc. Cabaret Voltaire, which was fucking around with machine music back in the Pong days, and GTO (née Greater Than One) are the two most notable, but significant contributions are found in every corner of the collection. New York club DJ Terre Thaemlitz, for random example, came up with both the slyly danceble "Freakazoids and Robots" and the bizarre "Hovering Glows," which offers nary a beat amid chirping birds, EKG beeps, voices endlessly distorted by echo and low growls that sound alternately like the contented purring of a huge cat and a flatulent pillow. If only it came in bottles: CabVolt's "Low Cool," Mothering Noise's "Blosson Tranq'd" and Mysteries Of Science's "Softly Sing The Angels."