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Sloppy 42nds
DJ Sprinkles
- Carlos Pozo

In Angbase, Fall 1998, Issue 3.


12" EP 1998
The deepest house rhythms yet from Terre, slow and luxurious, extended forever under a haze of muffled fusion keys, synthetic bongos, and a curiously scratchy loop that sounds like sampled crickets. You get three mixes of the title track, and I'll be damned if i can genre-codify them in a way that might make sense to anyone but the most inanimate vinyl groupies out there. Let's say the "sprinkles deeperama" is the most beat-active, while the "glorimar's deeperama" adds those piano-like barrages familiar to all who have kept up with this label's previous releases. The 13 minute "terre's neu wuss fusion mix" drops us down into a deepness barely even hinted at by the flipside - sub-aquatic depth carge drums, with that ever present fusion touch. Eventually the track expands into more active zines, with synth squiggles (and a breathy "flute"?) galor over the distant thumping beats. Nice wig, Terre. If anyone decides to remix the ECM back catalog for the dance market, I know who I would call first.