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The Story of Tebbe Tubbitz
- Terre Thaemlitz

2000 (comatonse.com). The story of Terre Thaemlitz' homepage mascot Tebbe Tubbitz. The story was hidden in a pop-up window accessed by clicking on Tebbe's "magic skin" (magic condom) on his belly. The Tebbe Tubbitz interface was retired in September of 2011. An unsupported and out-of-date version of the old Comatonse Recordings website is archived at http://www.comatonse.com/passtimeparadise/index_1.html

Tebbe Tubbitz (the official homepage of Terre Thaemlitz) main directory c.2000-2011.


Once upon a time, one of Terre's friends received a strange message. "Tebbe Tubbitz is looking for you." Terre's friend wondered, "Who on earth is Tebbe Tubbitz?" Eventually, he thought it must have been Terre Thaemlitz. Later, he was walking on the street to Terre's performance. He felt someone was watching him from a shop window and looked around. There, he saw a strange, yellow creature staring at him. It was not a Teletubbie, it was not a Terre Thaemlitz, it was Tebbe Tubbitz! At this very moment, Tebbe Tubbitz finally found the friend he was looking for.