terre thaemlitz writings

Miss Take's Dragifesto
- Terre Thaemlitz

Originally posted on comatonse.com in 1997 as the introduction text for Terre's press photo page.

When fighting culture with culture you realize there's a thin line between the elegance of poignant regurgitation and vomit. But fear brings on wrinkles, and you're not just another mess in a dress or tomboy with no toy. You are an amazon warrior who wears the foundation of the future on your face. Realness or not, your outfit can never betray you - every flawless touch or telltale sign is a shattering blow against preconceptions of gender.

With a beauty pageant wave I'm calling you to join me at the front lines of the revolution. Else with every motion of my razor sharp press-on nails I vow to strike terror in those who continue suckling at the dry male teats of dominant culture.

Love, Miss Take