terre thaemlitz writings

- Terre Thaemlitz

Originally posted on comatonse.com 1994. Accompanying text to the album of the same name (US: Instinct Ambient, 1994) EX-283-2. Instinct Records was against the idea of including an english analytical text because they feared it would alienate the audience, so Terre wrote this 'poem against poetics' and had Erik Dahl translate it into French so that the staff at Instinct would be less likely to understand it. Although some journalists have mistakenly written that "040468" is my birthday, it is actually the day of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination. The police radio in the track is from the actual chase of the shooter who got away. This kind of misreading was all too typical for a music press and audience base fixated on 'personal expression' to the exclusion of all other contents. Click here to view original release artwork.


Track Listing

  1. 040468 8:18
  2. Fat Chair 5:48
  3. Raw Through a Straw 11:05
  4. Meditation of the Mountain Oyster 9:14
  5. A City on Springs 10:57
  6. Hovering Glows 9:11
  7. 2AM on a Silo 8:41
  8. Fina-Departure 4:57

Je rassemble le troupeau des poéts. De leur prècieux sang d'écrituer n'ait une mare qui pour moi est un urinoir.

Sur cette surface rouge pisse et congelée, je les laisse glisser s'émerveiller de leur divinité; je les laisse s'régaler jusqu'à satiété de mon étron comme jadis ces monine du Marquis.

Et quand le jour vinent à décliner, je les laisse reposer la tete dans les nouages qu'ils trouvent encore beau.
- Anonyme


Herd the poets and drain their precious blood into a pool for me to piss in.

Let them walk across the red congeled surface of piss and blood and marvel at their divinity.
Let them feast on my slow turds like a priest of the Marquis de Sade.

And when the day is over, let them rest their heads in the clouds and once again find beauty in it all.
- Anonymous