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dj sprinkles & mark fell complete spiral ep
コンプリートスパイラル (2012)


DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell: Complete Spiral EP | 12" Vinyl EP | May 17, 2012 | C.021 | Boomkat Distribution

DJ Sprinkles and Mark Fell team up on an old-school flavored house EP. Available here at, and Boomkat.
DJスプリンクルズマーク・フェルによるハウス・コラボ!. リリース:2012年5月17日. ディストリビューション:comatonse.comBoomkat

  1. Say It Slowly (N.U.M. Mix) 6:06
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 1:00 968KB MP3 128kB/s
  2. Say It Slowly (Hee-Haw Mix)
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 1:00 968KB MP3 128kB/s
  3. Complete Spiral
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 1:00 968KB MP3 128kB/s

Complete Spiral EP features recordings of antiqued deep house from the unlikely combo of DJ Sprinkles (a.k.a. Terre Thaemlitz) and Mark Fell (member of SND). It's an homage to the sounds of the late '80s and early '90s house music that had such a heavy impact on the both of them. The A-side features two mixes of Say It Slowly, an old-school cut peppered with organ riffs and a subsonic Sprinkles bassline that likes to play hide-and-seek. The title Say It Slowly comes from the N.U.M Mix's vocal sample of Arthur Scargill, former leader of Britain's National Union of Mineworkers, and the closest thing to MLK to come out of the Yorkshire region near Fell's home. Too bloody right, Arthur! We hate Captialism! We hate their system, too! I guess that makes the Hee-Haw Mix a playfully soulful reference to Sprinkles' upbringing in the Ozarks? Mercy. Finally, the EP's title track Complete Spiral is a blissful post-peak floater featuring Fell's melodic noodling. It begs to be played from start to finish in the wee hours of the morning.

Produced, mixed and arranged by DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell
(c)(p) 2012 T. Thaemlitz (BMI), M. Fell (Touch Music MCPS)
Design by Terre Thaemlitz