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parallax beat brothers exhalation ep
エックスハレーションep (2006)


Parallax Beat Brothers: Exhalation EP | 12" Vinyl EP | Released November 1, 2006 | C.014

  1. Exhalation (DJ Sprinkles' Deep Breath Mix) 11:23
  2. Exhalation (Original Version) 5:18
  3. Autek (Dubblemixed by Scanner & Sprinkles) 5:38

Comatonse Recordings presents...
Parallax Beat Brothers (Pete Lockett + Scanner): Exhalation EP

Inspired by the Parallax Beat Brothers album "autek" (self-released by Scanner & Pete Lockett, AUT001), DJ Sprinkles made her own custom remix of "exhalation" for use in her Deeperama DJ sets. Scanner and Pete liked it so much, we decided to put it out on vinyl, along with a special dance version of "autek" double-mixed by both scanner and sprinkles. a beautiful combination of electroacoustic ambiance, acoustic world percussion and deep house.

Featuring Comatonse Recordings' unique black-on-black anti-trainspotting center label.


Cisco Records レビュー:

アンビエント、エクスペリメンタル作品をTerre ThaemlitzがRMX!
Terre氏自身の稀有なコネクションが生み出した名作がシスコ独占にて発売開始!アンビエント、エクスペリメンタルミュージック制作アーティストScanner & Pete LockettによるParallax Beat Brothersがリリースした「Autek」収録のオリジナルをterre氏変名であるdj sprinklesとscanner自身がリミックス。夢想的なシンセが交錯する幻想的サウンドとパーカッションの有機的サウンドが融合したDJ Sprinkles RMX,タブラが印象的な静寂な冒頭からは想像を絶する壮大な世界観が繰りなされるScanner & Sprinkles RMX、今回も聴き応えタップリの必聴盤!
オススメ度 ★★★★★

C.014 - Limited edition 12-inch vinyl EP
Black vinyl with Comatonse Recordings' unique black-on-black anti-trainspotting center label.
Released November 1, 2006.
No fucking-sucking-licking-sticking without latex.
Clean your works with bleach and water.
Do not attempt using any part of this product as a safer sex device.
©2006 Comatonse Recordings (Japan)