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dj sprinkles bassline.89
ベースラインエイティーナイン (2001)


DJ Sprinkles: Bassline.89 | 12" Vinyl EP | Released 2001 | C.008

  1. Bassline.89.1
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 1:30 1.2MB MP3 128kB/s
  2. Bassline 89.2
  3. Bassline.89.4
  4. Glorimar's Whore House
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 2:26 1.9MB MP3 128kB/s
  5. Bassline.89.3

"Stripped and minimal.... New York.... Newark.... Chicago.... Toronto...? These are reconstructed memories of the sounds embraced by late '80s underground House culture.... Particularly among Latinos and African Americans.... Queer.... Tranny.... Fierce.... Ova.... Ovaplayed...? Quickly subjected to cultural decontextualization and commercialization.... A decade passes.... Now this.... Possibly an attempt to decommodify a musical era.... Probably yet another form of communal exploitation."
- DJ Sprinkles, 1999

C.008 - Produced by DJ Sprinkles.
Recorded in 1999 at Meow, Oakland.
Design by Terre.
No fucking-sucking-licking-sticking without latex.
Clean your works with bleach and water.
Do not attempt using any part of this product as a safer sex device.
©2001 Comatonse Recordings & Sanriot, Japan