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dj sprinkles midtown 120 blues
ミッドタウン120ブルーズ (2008)


DJ Sprinkles' debut full length album released August, 2008, by Mule Musiq (Japan: mulemusiq.com & myspace.com/mulemusiq), continues with themes from 1998's "Sloppy 42nds: A tribute to the 42nd Street transsexual clubs destroyed by Walt Disney's buyout of Times Square" (a track recently featured on Ame's "Coast2Coast" DJ mix compilation for NRK Records). While the world celebrates the revial of New York House Music, constructing utopian fictions about the genre as it goes along, DJ Sprinkles retreats deep into the bowels of house. This is the rhythm of empty midtown dancefloors resonating with the difficulties of transgendered sex work, black market hormones, drug & alcohol addiction, racism, gender & sexual crises, unemployment, and censorship.

  1. Midtown 120 Intro・ミッドタウン120イントロ
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 2:47 2.2MB MP3 128kB/s
  2. Midtown 120 Blues・ミッドタウン120ブルース
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 1:05 900KB MP3 128kB/s
  3. Ball'r (Madonna-Free Zone)・トランズジェンダー舞踏会(マドンナ・フリー・ゾーン)
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 1:08 944KB MP3 128kB/s
  4. Brenda's $20 Dilemma・ブレンダちゃんの$20のジレンマ
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 1:01 848KB MP3 128kB/s
  5. House Music is Conrollable Desire You Can Own・ハウスミュージックは所有することができる制御可能な要望
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 1:12 1MB MP3 128kB/s
  6. Sisters, I Don't Know What This World is Coming To・シスターズ、この世界はどうなりましたか
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 1:22 1.1MB MP3 128kB/s
  7. Reverse Rotation・後戻り
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 0:58 808KB MP3 128kB/s
  8. Grand Central, Pt. I (Deep into the Bowel of House)・グランドセントラル駅 パート1(ハウスの腸の深い場所まで)
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 1:05 900KB MP3 128kB/s
  9. Grand Central, Pt. II (72 hrs. by Rail from Missouri)・グランドセントラル駅 パート2(列車でミズーリ州から72時間)
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 1:01 844KB MP3 128kB/s
  10. The Occassional Feel-Good・時たま良い感じ
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 1:01 852KB MP3 128kB/s
  11. Vinyl Remix EP: Brenda's $20 Dilemma・ブレンダちゃんの$20のジレンマ (Kuniyuki Remix)
    (Excerpt / 抜粋) 1:11 984KB MP3 128kB/s