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vladimir ilyich ulyanov (lenin) iLenin
アイレニン (2008)


iLenin: iPod-Ready Speeches By Vladimir Lenin Recorded In 1919 & 1920 is a free historical audio document presented in iTunes format to commemorate the successful removal of Terre Thaemlitz' back catalog from iTunes, Juno Download and other major distributors that had been selling it illegally. Keep it on your MP3 player at all times in solidarity, comrades.

Excerpt: The Third Communist International - A Word from Comrade Lenin

The International Congress of Communists took place in March of this year 1919, in Moscow. This congress has founded the Third Communist International, the union of workers of all the world, aspiring for the establishment of Soviet authority in all countries. The First International, founded by [Karl] Marx, existed from 1854 to 1872. The defeat of the heroic Parisian workers of the well-known Commune of Paris meant the end of this International. It's unforgettable, it is eternal in the history of struggle by workers, and ready for the clearing. It has laid the foundation for the world socialist Republic of which we now have the joy of building. The Second inter-country International existed from 1909 for 1914, before the war. This time was the time of the quietest and most peaceful development of capitalism, the time without great revolutions. The Working-class movement has gotten stronger and has grown up during this time in a number of the countries. But some participants of [indecipherable] workers parties of the majority, having become accustomed to peaceful times, have lost their ability for revolutionary struggle. When the war which filled the ground with blood in four years, a war between capitalists that began in 1914 [indecipherable] through authority over small and weak people. Those socialists came over to the party of governors. They have changed sides. They have helped to tighten the massacre. They became enemies of socialism. They came over to the party of capitalists. Tons of workers have turned away from these traitors of socialism. A turn toward revolutionary struggle all over the world has begun. War has shown that capitalism has lost. Times have changed, there is a new order. The old word "socialism" was dishonoured by traitors of socialism. The fair workers, who have remained true to the business of overthrowing the yoke of capitalism, name themselves "communists." The union of communists grows all over the world. In a number of countries Soviet Authority has already won. It will not be long before we shall see the victory of Communism all over the world, we shall see the basis of the World Federal Republic of Advice. [Translation: Kira Kaunert]

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