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eszter salamon tales of the bodiless
テールズ・オヴ・ザ・ボディレス (2011)


Eszter Salamon: Tales of the Bodiless | CD+Book | Released 2011 | Germany: Botschaft Gbr ISBN 978-3-00-034665-1

TALES OF THE BODILESS: Musical Fiction Without Science
by Eszter Salamon with Bojana Cvejic, Cédric Dambrain, Terre Thaemlitz, Sylvie Garot and Peter Böhm

CD Tracklist

  1. Cédric Dambrain: The Bog - Part 1 - Music
  2. Cédric Dambrain: The Bog - Part 2 - Tale
  3. Cédric Dambrain: Dogs - Part 1 - Dogs
  4. Cédric Dambrain: Dogs - Part 2 - Manifesto
  5. Terre Thaemlitz: Substitution - Part 1 - Echoes
  6. Terre Thaemlitz: Substitution - Part 2 - Questions
  7. Terre Thaemlitz: Substitution - Part 3 - Foaming
  8. Terre Thaemlitz: Dots



…How can you get off your body?... you are not riding a body, isn't it? It might be possible to get off the body... but how or by what are you transported then?

Can you leave it for a while? Can you take a vacation from your body ? ...How long can you stay out of yourself ...without losing it all together...

A composition of voices, sounds, lights and space that evolves in four tales about bodilessness.

Tales of the Bodiless explore a condition that is hard to imagine before you experience it: a world without human bodies .Once humans are a past, and hence, no longer central, the world is made vacant for fantasies about nonhuman forms of existence. Four landscapes of sensations and cognitions, of sinking and dissolving, of neurosis and aggression, of joy and expansion, of explosion and dissipation. A bodiless world requires that theater send its proper body - the stage - on vacation.

This entails that the theatrical regime of senses and faculties in this performance is unsettled: listening battles vision and sight. The spectators' bodies remain a rare live presence that gives duration to the fictions they inhabit.

Additional information available at Eszter Salamon's homepage.