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social material class/consciousness
クラス/コンシャズネス(階級意識) (2001)


DJ Sprinkles: Bassline.89 | 12" Vinyl EP | Released 2001 | C.009

  1. Class
  2. Consciousness

Beauty in contradiction (or is it hypocrisy?)
Comatonse Recordings is to House Music
as Soviet watch's "hammer & cythe" arms are to zodiac hour dial
Fagjazz is to global transcendental-oriented dancefloors
as traditional mystical Chinese luck charm is to early Mao
(or like Deep House is to Experimental music)
cover design:
    locate objects which represent collison of -
    A. socio-materialist agendas
    B. 'spiritually' daden historical references
    3. ultimately ambivalent marketplace
    (the 3 elements of all Comatonse Recordings releases)
socializing materials ← social material → socio-material
jazz ← "classy" ← class consciousness → struggle → underground → danger of metaphysics
jazz ← "classy" ← class → struggle → underground
underground ← struggle → consciousness → danger of metaphysics
"dismantle the (jack)master's house with his own tools"
(jazz = corporate device + leftist liberationist mythology)
end result: friendly, familiar but not same old mix
    filter expectations - it's what's LEFT(ist)!
      dance - OK!
      feeling - OK!
      deep thought - OKAY!
ultimately - commodity (relationship to capitalism?)
    no escaping it            big mess
      (Terre's piano playing gets messy too!)

C.009 - Limited to 100 copies outside of Japan
Translucent red vinyl.
Produced by Terre Thaemlitz.
Recorded in 1999 at Meow (Kawasaki).
Design by Terre.
No fucking-sucking-licking-sticking without latex.
Clean your works with bleach and water.
Do not attempt using any part of this product as a safer sex device.
©2001 Comatonse Recordings & Sanriot, Japan